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        GCSE ISAs 
        Click on this link to see how you can get started with your GCSE ISA
        There are so many confusing terms! variables, reliability, accuracy, precision...hopefully these definitions will help... 

  GCSE Osmosis PowerPoint

A down-loadable PowerPoint about a topic that often is misunderstood.

Click on the 'Downloads' button to the left to access more GCSE PowerPoints.

  GCSE 'key words'

This page has a glossary of words and their definitions that you need to know for both the Y 10 end of year exam, and the final Y11 exam.

A-level ISAs             

Sixth-formers only...You have to do two of these each year - best one counts:

Click here to get help and advice about either AS or A2 practical exercises.


Exam Techniques           

Test or exam coming up? Is it all about learning the facts, or are there some 'tricks of the trade' that will help you get better grades?

Click the link above for sound advice about revision techniques, including mind-maps, and how to cope with exam stress!





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