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All AS and A2 students studying Biology at Skinners' need to do two of these each year - best score counts.

Key Benefits of doing an 'ISA'.

bulletYou have full control of the task so you don't have to guess 'what is coming up'.
bulletEvery UMS mark counts towards a good  grade.
bulletYou will gain experience about how to logically analyse your work - a valuable skill for the future.
bulletClick HERE to get some word-processing advice.
bulletClick HERE to see a 'perfect table'
bulletClick HERE to see the A-level Downloads page - word doc with helpful definitions





Follow these guidelines when doing the written part of your ISA and you will maximise your chances of a top markůYou will see the word 'JUSTIFY'  several times...make sure you understand what this word means. Click the word above to see a definition.


1) Qualitative, Quantitative or Evaluative?

Each A-level ISA has 3 parts to it - you will do these during 3 separate lessons / sessions.

Click here to download your own FAQ guide to the A-level ISAs.

  This download explains how it all works!!

2) Qualitative?

This is marked out of 10 and tests your ability to


Could be drawings from specimen or microscope, or colour changes in a test tube...

Common errors - poor drawing quality, poor labels,


3) Quantitative? 

This has 2 parts; Part 1 is doing the practical to collect numerical data and record it in a table; Part 2 is where you plot the graph, and answer a few questions about your data.




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