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Welcome to the Skinners' School Biology Department.    

 In this  site you can find information about your Biology  syllabus, outline schemes of work for the year, help with projects and lots of good links to cool  biology sites.

We want to help you get the best possible grade and firmly believe that the more information you have, the better prepared you will be. Browse through the buttons below and find out how this site can help you to improve your work...

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         In these pages you will find course outlines, information about the subject and links to exam boards, including full syllabus specifications. Use these pages to keep track of where you are in your course.


  Baffled by the ISA you've just been set? Or are you worried about a test or exam coming up? Click the chimp or the 'EXAM HELP' button for good practical advice on: homework,  coursework and exam revision techniques. There are good tips here if you want to find out more about 'Memory maps', or about the brain and the psychology of learning.


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Click the logo or picture above to have a look at what we're up to with the Sustainable Schools (8 DOORWAYS) agenda.



Doing some research for your project? Click on the icon or click HERE for lots of cool biological sites - if you know any others, let us know.

  Phancy some Physics? Click HERE to go to Mr. Mead's Science web-site.

Chemistry? Sorry, the site's not ready yet...

Contact Information

Students can find us at break time in the Science Office (next to S8).

Please come along and ask for help and advice, or just to have a chat. 

01892 520732 and ask for the Biology Department.
01892 549346  
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St John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9PG
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